Committed to making your personal vision of the perfect home a reality.


We can provide custom home design consultation and construction services. This integrated approach will enable you to take an active role in the creation of your new home or place of business while allowing us to produce a high quality product and maintain budgetary control. This approach also yields a consolidated flow of communication and common source of responsibility.

We can guide you through the complex procedural logistics of creating your dream home or work space from scratch, making the process simple and enjoyable.
Already have plans, an architect or designer? No problem. We’ll be glad to help you realize your vision.
—Let us walk you thru the process>
1. Start visualizing your perfect home. Look into land for sale. Acquire the land you want to build on.
2. When you’ve found a spot, depending on whether or not it has an existing structure, you may choose to 1) clear the land and design anew- or 2) if the existing structure has good integrity and would work for your design, re-envision it. Get everyone who will live there together and figure out what would be a good layout for your purposes. Make sketches, take magazine tears and save pics found on the internet to hone the style of each room and help you choose materials. Remember, the finish installations are intended to be permanent and enduring; Expect to be living with/looking at the them for 20-30+ years).
3. When you’ve created something you’re sure about, You can go to an architectural and engineering firm, and work with them to create permittable plans for the structure.
That’s what we (the builders) need to calculate the cost for the construction of a new home. (or any building project).
We can work on the lot (land), infrastructure (electrical/plumbing/HVAC) concrete work, structure, and the installation of all the permanent finishes in the home, making it ready to move in.
Again, basic costs for you to consider would be Land + structure + all materials needed to make it livable according to what the owner wants (level of luxury) + the cost of labor to actually realize the build.

and, Ideally, workflow looks like this:

Designer/Architect> Engineer> Builder>Inspector> Handover(to owner). Something like this…



So, final total cost will change depending on the choices you make.
I suggest to spend some time in places like home depot to get familiar with available materials to recreate the look you’re going for, but picking and choosing your materials in a way that will keep costs down while still achieving an aesthetic that is appealing to you. This can become time consuming if you’re indecisive, but the planning pays off!